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Top Job Sites and Recruiters to Focus In On for Technical Writers

A successful job search, like the actual work, depends on two key factors: targeting the search and using your resources wisely.

Your time is a valuable and limited resource, whether you’re currently employed and just passively looking or actively seeking your next contract or full-time role.  So it is crucial to target your online job search and also be selective about who you talk to.

Think of your technical writer job search as  putting a RFP (Request For Proposal) out to bid.  The RFP scopes out the project (what kind of job you want, with which companies, and where, etc.) and you have to select the vendors mostly likely to have the qualifications to do what you propose.

As you may already know, you can use three types of online vendor resources in the technical writer job search:

  • Job sites
  • Recruiters/head hunters
  • Company web sites

Choose your vendors wisely, because your search is not a cookie cutter of every other technical writer’s search. Your interests, skills, experience and priorities make you unique, and the right vendor choices will help you use them to your advantage.  Here’s  list of top resources to help you find and grab the technical writer position that fits you.

1.       Job Sites

Job sites, also known as job boards, are great places to search for jobs and all of them make the process easier with job alerts that you customize.  Target your job site search to only a couple. Select from:

  • Dice – Tech Jobs central. A must have on any technical communication job seeker’s list.
  • Indeed – Simple, easy-to-use and free. Create your job alerts to have all new jobs matching your interests sent to your inbox.
  • Simply Hired – Customizable job search with salary comparison.
  • LinkedIn –Groups, companies and individuals post jobs on LinkedIn. Use the Job tab at the top of your dashboard to set up searches for particular job titles( e.g., Technical Writer or Information Designer).  Follow companies you interested in working  for to get alerts when a new job is posted.
  • TechWhirl Jobs – Targeted job listings for Technical Writers and editors, as well as designers, developers and managers in technical communications and related fields.
  • Monster – The big monster of job sites. Focus your search carefully to avoid being overwhelmed.
  • LinkUp – Jobs direct from company web sites. Owned by JobDig,  this site is growing rapidly.
  • Career Builder – Search by job title, industry or company.
  • The Ladders – Specifically targets jobs with salaries over $100,000. You may need to pay for subscription.

2.       Recruiters/ Head Hunters

You can’t afford to have recruiters waste your valuable time, and let’s be honest, some do. Every industry has at least a few recruiters or head hunters who specialize in that industry, and technical communication is no different.  Research and get to know those companies that target the vertical industry, sector, job and area you want to work in.  Here are several that specialize in technical communications:

3.       Company web sites

Chances are you have a short list of companies that would be the “perfect” place to work. Great culture, good benefits, innovative products, flexible work hours are just a few of the characteristics that every technical writer looks at when building their A list.  Take the initiative and register yourself on their sites.  There is no harm, and potentially an awful lot of good,  in indicating to the company you are interested in working for them. After all, it is better to be in the system as an interested candidate when HR starts searching their database to fill a new requisition for the perfect technical writer.

Many company sites also allow you to set up job alerts. In fact, a last piece of advice is to to set up job alerts with all the sites you can target among these three online vendors.  Then watch, review and respond when your inbox starts filling up.

Target your job search and manage your resources.  Good luck on your search.

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