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TechWhirl’s Tech Comm Jobs is a job site for  talented, qualified technical communications professionals and the organizations who need them.  Part of TechWhirl.Com (Techwr-l – the oldest and largest email discussion group for technical communicators in the world and TechWhirl is a pretty spiffy magazine if we do say so ourselves), our job site is built by technical communicators, managed by technical communicators and will always be for technical communicators.

Our Vision: Every Technical Communicator in the world working in an exciting and interesting job. They are a great fit for the organization and are providing easy to understand information to those who use their content.

We like to call this a technical communication marketplace because we aim to match companies who have technical communication jobs with talented technical communicators of all levels of experience.  This is a limited board so if you’re looking to find a developer or a website creator, we wish you luck but this isn’t your place.

Technical communications encompasses a broad range of skills and disciplines.

As of today, we’re accepting job roles for the following:

  • Technical Writing
  • Technical Editing
  • Information Design
  • Publications Management
  • Content Management
  • User Experience
  • Business Analysis
  • Process Analysis
  • Instructional Design
  • Training
  • Quality Assurance
  • Knowledge  Management
  • Change Management
> Did we miss one?  Send us a note and we’ll consider adding it.

These professions share some common goals–clarity, relevance, accuracy and usefulness of information and knowledge–which is why TechWhirl Jobs specializes in these disciplines.  Job seekers can focus on positions that require their skills, and employers  can cut through the thousands of resumes to focus on candidates that have relevant skills and passion for this work .

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