Cost to Post Technical Communication Jobs on Tech Comm Jobs

Our world has two groups:  those looking for a job and those with job vacancies.

Let’s address those looking for a job first.  Tech Comm Jobs is free for those who are looking for a job, and we don’t intend to make a change to that policy in the future.

Now that brings us to those who are looking for new employees, interns and volunteers.  Today and during our early Beta period, Tech Comm Jobs is free to post a job (or multiple jobs).  Our handy little chart should help explain our evolution.

Early Beta Beta Future
When does it end? Probably around 100 new job entries and companies. Harder to pin down but the site will need to be very stable and we have to have good volume for those listing and searching for jobs. We hope never.
How much does it cost to post a job? Free Free TBD but it’ll be very reasonable.  We assure you.
How much does it cost to have a Featured Job post? Not Offered.  We don’t see any value for you if there’s only five jobs on the entire site. $69 which will include promotions on Tech Writer Today and our email discussion board. TBD
How much does it cost to have your job promoted on TechWhirl’s Tech Writer Today Magazine and Premium Email Ad (sent daily) Free – we’ll figure out how to manage the growth over time so that we don’t overwhelm our readers with job listings Only offered to featured jobs since the volume should be huge at that point. Same as the box to the left
When will I be told that you’re moving from one stage to another? We want a long term relationship so we’ll do everything we can to keep you in the loop.  Our guess is that it’ll be at least a two week lead if not more. A month at least and you’ll be given some discounts for the next level as a thank you for joining early. Constant communications.

Featured Jobs will be promoted on our sister website, Tech Writer Today Magazine, on the home page via an RSS feed.  Features will also be sent once a day to TechWhirl’s Email Discussion group as part of our TECHWR-L Premium Jobs, Events, and Announcements.

In the future there will be a charge to list jobs on this site, but we have not determined the pricing structure yet.  It’s our intention to create the best marketplace for technical communicators in the world, and to be able to pay our mortgages at the end of the month.

The best way to do this is to provide a fantastic value for all involved.   During Beta, there’s no one  (or hardly anyone, yet) here so everything except the featured job listing is free.  Once we build our database then we will alter the structure for those posting jobs.

We’re unsure the right amount, which is where we want your involvement.  During our Beta period we’ll be reaching out to get your opinions on what you think is a fair price for a great value (and no, free isn’t it – remember those mortgages we mentioned?).

For now, enjoy all the free goodness, and feel confident that we will communicate–frequently and in great detail–any changes that we plan to make, and we intend that, even with revisions, to always provide the best value for job postings on the Internet.  Contact us with any questions or recommendations.