What do I do to post a job?

1. Click Submit a Job button either at the top right of the screen or on the home page.

2. Register \ Create Account or Login to the site.

3. For each listing, enter a job description:

  1. Complete the Company Details including company name,  appropriate website and organization logo.
  2. Enter the Job Details such as the the job title,  job type, category and salary range.  Then enter key words that will assist applicants in searching for your listing.
  3. Provide information on Job Location (you can provide a full street address, or simply include the city and the state/region the system will automatically identify the country).
  4. Enter a Job Description.  You can copy and paste text from another source, or enter it directly into the free form text field.  Include details such as responsibilities, required and desired qualifications, compensation, and reporting structure.
  5. Provide details on How to Apply. If you have specific requirements, such as including a cover letter, references, or samples, include them here.
  6. Once satisfied with the entry click on Next.

3. Preview

Click the Next button and preview how your listing will appear once approved.  You can use the Go Back button to make changes to the content of the list. You can also choose to feature your listing at the top of the site (and highlighted on other pages) at a cost of $69 for the duration of your job listing.  Once you’ve made your choice for Featured Job Listing, click on Next.

4. Confirm and Submit

You can do a final review of the job posting and choose the duration of your job posting.  The maximum duration during our Beta period is 14 days.  You can resubmit the job after the initial period.

Click the Confirm & Submit button.  You will receive an email notification from us indicating that the listing is awaiting approval.  We review the listing, and provide an approval or instructions for modifying the listing within one business day of submission.

If you chose to make this submission a feature ad, you will be taken to the PayPal page.


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